I used to Drink…

I have a fond love of getting a head change, it started when I was 16 and still goes on in the form of coffee or soda…what happened in the middle? I used to enjoy my single malt, scotch or beer…but most of all I enjoyed not having to deal with so called hassles by letting lose and not worrying about much! I used to be care free, just a happy, go, lucky guy who enjoyed being intoxicated. I didn’t drink everyday but whenever I drank it used to be to the point of intoxication. There were many times in college where we would throw parties with alcohol and lots of people but I never knew at that ripe age that I could get a head change naturally through meditation. When I was young I never cared to thoroughly enjoy life for all it truly had to offer, I just used to enjoy carelessly meaning, I was young and didn’t really have much concern for what I was doing or the consequences it would have in the future. The true joy of the yester years was taken by the time that never did really exist…after all time was made by man not God. So have I lost any time, no, I gained experiences to come closer to my destination. The rush of intoxication was the fun life that took me on a journey towards self realization and discovery. I made a decision sometime back that I had enough and that there was more to life than getting high and partying. It is a call from within to help fulfill my mission in life, to try to help others. I still have a chance at that calling so I try to constantly to envelop the attributes I’ve always longed for by taking self care seriously, the time has come to give back as much as I can in whatever form I can. As I mentioned earlier life is nothing but impermanence so I believe whatever hurdles might come today or tomorrow we have to continue to reinvent ourselves forever with the required attributes of the times. My mom and dad have always told me that anything in excess or out of limits is bad. So how am I changing? Experiences, time, hardships and revelations of the desire of finding the Universal Truth that came about.

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