Delta equal change…keep climbing!

These days I like to listen to Pandora because positive sounds in electronic music give me motivation, hope and most of all a time out from life! Since I went to Ibiza in the millennium summer of 2000 and tried ecstasy, I’ve loved that kind of music and beats. I never knew when I was young that one could find true ecstasy in their own bodies and minds through deep meditation. This is an unexplainable feeling one must experience for themselves. I later learned that one can just enjoy music without the high. So when I listened to Pandora I listened to a Delta commercial and it marketed “Delta, keep climbing”. I heard this and it occurred to me that Delta can mean change. So after hearing “keep climbing” after “Delta” I just thought what a good meaning one could take out of an ad. To me this meant that I must continue to change and strive to be the best I can be, and keep on climbing higher not only in life but also rise to make my karma better and better. Then I thought that impermanence is the only permanence so the “change” part was crucial. We have to move forward with the times and continue to develop and adapt as per the situations that life throws at you. So who knew a simple ad, tv show or movie could help to improve your mindset. It’s possible to change and move upwards if we’re committed to ourselves and our goals.

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