How I obliterate my ego and stop boasting?

“Learn to learn, playing to win is a sin, play to learn then you’ll win.” It was the nite of Thanksgiving in 2016 when I first watched the movie Wazir with my Father, it starred Amitabh Bachan and Farhan Akhtar. They repeatedly said these few phrases throughout the movie that made me think of my own problems. How would I ever learn to learn, how would I not repeatedly make the same mistakes. Well, this movie taught me a lot as there were several scenes where both of these actors would play the game of chess. Farhan Akhtar’s character “Danesh” would lose every time but the beauty was that he kept on trying over and over again, he never gave up. I figured out that, that was the key, the golden key to learning from your mistakes and also realizing you’re not perfect. I believe the deeper meaning of the chess game was not really about chess but really about the game of life and how we are challenged tirelessly throughout our lives by situations, circumstances and desires. So for me ego and boasting are two situational elements I strive to learn from in my life. The never ending trying brings you to the ground, because you realize that you’re in fact not perfect. You are yet a mere part of humanity who deals with similar types of issues. So I try to get rid of ego and boasting by trying over and over and over without accepting failure. Yet, failure can turn into a form of success if you believe it to be so. This action of trying repeatedly binds us and our feet, mind and emotions to the ground, to the earth, yes, we become “down to earth.” So the solution in words is simple but the steadfastness with your actions are of the utmost importance. That persistence in action is the only way to begin liberating myself from the current idiosyncratic habits of our humanity our so called common traits.

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