How old is Bharat (India)?

Even though I was born in the USA my family and I are from India and I have a deep love for my Bharat! I watched a movie today called “Bharat” and it reminded me of all the beauty we have in our culture. It is truly the best experience I’ve had being Indian. So some say India dates back to 5300 years old with the Indus civilization with cities like Mohenjdaro but others say that there was civilization in India around two million years ago. It’s all relative as perspectives will be different from all around the globe. The only view we can hold onto is our own. So I hold onto the view that true incidents that were shown in the movie “Bharat” starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are the essence of the modern Indian era that is not even a hundred years old. Yes, we were slaves and freedom fighters but mostly we were that common thread of faith, hope and moral fiber that ties us all together as the human species. I re-imbibed a few lessons while watching this movie. First that, respect once lost is difficult to gain back. Also, Salman Khans character as a young boy promised to his Father when seeing him for the last time that he would keep his family together. This truly touched my heart and internally I made the same promise to my Father. This family is not only my nuclear and extended family but the family bond that ties us all together, the same foundation of humanity. Through my expression of my own experiences I will strive to help others as much as I can. This can only be done with faith, hope, hard work, decisiveness, strength and love. There was a common line in the movie that translates as “Alive, you beat inside of me and in you I live and die.” It’s ironic because I tell myself, my family and others that my parents will always be a part of me physically, genetically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and literally. They created me so in turn they beat inside of me and in them I will live and I will die. I also believe that since they are the creators I will also always live within them because they are the original source of my immediate being, so all of these elements listed above are also thriving in them. So, regardless if any of us dies, my mother, father or I, we will always live within each other not only as a memory but as the truth of life that once was and still is within the ones who are still alive. Another phrase, in this movie was ” I will rise like a phoenix to break these chains and fly.” These words mean to me that I will become free from this bondage that we go through, if you can think it you can definitely do it. Hope is the strongest power in the world, you just have to feel it in you everyday. Not only this movie, but this life and its so called ups and downs has touched my heart.

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