Why do we allow ourselves to suffer…from the beginning to the end!

The other day I was at a local, small amusement park with my wife and two boys. At first, I thought beautiful place bringing back old memories of when I was a child. I then got on a ride which seemed quite unsafe after riding it. It pushed us around in circles at an extremely high speed, I just felt something in my gut that told me my son was a bit scared and dizzy and that he shouldn’t suffer for no reason. I then told my elder son that you shouldn’t allow yourself to suffer, yes, if it happens without your doing then that’s just a part of life. Although, sometimes we allow ourselves to go through the suffering that we ourselves create through our so called mindset. There are 7.5 billion people in this world and each person has individual perspectives, perceptions and sets of experiences that individually define their persona. We all deal with suffering in different ways because we are all different. However, we share a big commonality with the 7 billion people, we all are HUMANS the same species. So why not come to a common consensus that we all should involve ourselves in activities we enjoy, yes, try new experiences but don’t give yourself suffering of any sort unless it happens on its own. We all have similar insecurities, doubts, worries, problems, joys etc. as we all are the same species but let’s take a closer look at our daily actions, thoughts, habits to ensure we don’t inflict self-pain or suffering. Let’s value this invaluable life!

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