The Self Made Man!

He came here with $8 in his pocket in 1974. He was an immigrant who worked very hard in his studies, he was an Engineer honor student who left his family in India to create a better future for his family and him. Luckily, he had a place to stay with kind, good hearted relatives in Placentia. May God bless them! His first job was at Herts brothers where he worked as a welder. He used to get to work the hard way until he eventually bought a car. His first car was a Ford Pinto. He brought his wife out here 6months later. The next thing you knew was that he started his family with my loving hearted, giving, most amazing elder sister. After she was born he got a better job and also started studying to get his masters at Cal State Fullerton in the field of Computer Science. This man is the most hard working, patient, kind, loving, sincere man I have ever known. This man is my Father! May God bless him always. As he has been through ups and downs, thick and thin he has made it out on top. He is my role model and inspiration to do the best I can do with what I have. If I had worked one / one millionth as hard as him I could have been part of the change in the world. I am so humbled by this man, I am so grateful and blessed to have been born his son. I wish for him and my mother all the peace, happiness, contentment and love that the world can offer. God bless all of us to be grateful for whatever type of relationship we have even if that relationship is only with ourselves. Thank you Papa and Mom for all that you are, you are the gems of our life!

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