Association! Should we be careful of what we see and listen to? Are we “influencing” or “brain washing” ourselves?

It’s really interesting how many people talk about the “subconscious”, does this plane really exist? Oh yes, it is very much a part of us and what becomes our reality or habit. We subconsciously associate images, movies including “adult films”, music, words, sounds, tunes, situations, habits, our very own subconscious feelings to manifest the subconscious into our reality…which becomes the path of our being, ultimately our life. This subconscious association is stronger than many of us think it has the capacity to make us or break us. The subconscious affects our mood in our daily life as well. It’s all about the whole law of attraction but even deeper. If we allow ourselves to reach our subconscious through meditation and mindfulness then we can start changing our paths to make this journey even better than wherever we currently are or have been previously. Life throws at us many curve balls but why aren’t we able to hit them, why so often we strike out? We aren’t able to hit them because most of us aren’t in tune with our own deep selves our subconscious. We start to make this happen by getting in touch with the deepest part of our heart and soul where there is innate peace. We then sow the seeds of positivity, forgiveness, compassion, love or giving, and true bliss. We sow these seeds by opening that deepest chamber of our beings where love takes birth. First, love for ourselves, then God and then others. We must be able to TRUST ourselves and have faith within before we can have that FAITH in the almighty. This trust and faith in the self is what God truly wants for us first and foremost. God did not create us to be dependent on the almighty, rather he created us to be self sufficient. The ultimate goal is liberation for all of us but we may not know that right now. All of us are at different stages in which we have according desires, some of us want money, some want power, some want family and some just want peace. Sometimes most of us who want these great blessings as mentioned in the former, don’t get them instead we get the opposite like frustration, anger, jealousy, greed, lust, hatred and our desires don’t come true because of that missing connection with the subconscious. So how do we go about ensuring this subconscious, trust and faith is in tact. Yes, the answer is within ourselves we just have to dig to our deepest depths through silence of the mind and being. Have that trust and faith and you’ll be able to make the deepest connection within and all your dreams will blossom!

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