It’s easy to quit something when there are no cravings!

These days I don’t have many cravings for anything except soda. I don’t crave intoxicants or other mixtures. Like I eluded to earlier we all go through phases of ups and downs. During our good times we either crave our favorite delights more than usual or the opposite in bad times we crave more too. But why not nip the craving in the bud and believe that we are not influenced by any good time or bad time and that we have the choice to make a firm long standing decision that allows us to create a space where peace from within arises. So why not start the quitting of any bad habit now before it’s too late? I think smoking is one of the toughest things to quit but if you know that you cannot do it any longer than God gives you the strength or shows you the way to abolish your habit. “No habit is too strong for the Lord.” When I quit smoking there was no choice so I did it. I eventually made the decision and gradually moved on. Sometimes it takes us time or alternatives to shun a certain habit away but the determination and commitment to the self is the most important aspect. Once we are in for the fight then only one person can knock us down and that person is ourselves. Sometimes the most biggest battles are with ourselves. We win these battles by having faith in the Almighty and first and foremost faith in ourselves. Believe, live, love and give not only for ourselves but others around us. Quit whatever isn’t good for you and make that firm long standing decision!

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