Imagination station!

Our human imagination knows no bounds! We thought of creating an airplane and now 100 years later we’re flying all over the world and even into space and other planets. This is truly an amazing feat! We are lucky to be in a time where innovation, creativity and vision hold a valuable place in society! We try new things! I believe imagination starts at a very ripe age of 4 and goes on until death if we allow imagination to grace us with its presence throughout life. The other day my wife, children and I went to a beautiful movie called “Wonder Park” it’s basically about a little girl who whispers creative ideas to her stuffed animal monkey named Peanut and out of that a whole imaginary park is created. Although, this girl’s mother falls sick and her imagination follows and turns into fear of loss. Her wonder land gets destroyed but she finds the courage to build it back up and not get caught up in her fears. So she brings wonder park back and her mother also returns after treatment and all is well. The whole point of me writing about this is that someone imagined a movie about wonder park and had an imagination that was amazing. We all have this creative element within us but it depends how much we tap into it. I believe silence is the best way for creative ideas to take birth. This is also what my guide discusses. So let’s take an inward journey to manifest the outward destiny!

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