Fear is darkness, it ephemerally remains to remind us to be the light that can illuminate the world and shun all darkness away!

So as I’ve eluded to earlier we are currently in the 5th era that has Happiness and Sadness! Our efforts to be the light never die and one day this world will be a place where only peace exists. How do we shun off darkness even temporarily? I believe it’s through our attitude and making the right decisions at the right time for the right cause. Our attitude goes a long way in making a positive outcome actually happen! How do we change that attitude to not get sucked into the darkness but rather be the candle to light ourselves and our soul? We do this by never giving up and becoming the light. We all have that light within us it’s just a matter of allowing to shine through the darkness. How do we allow it to shine? We just focus on untying the knots of our karma so that it can shine through from our spirit. This process mitigates all fear and makes way for the light to shine throughout. He says “meditation is the end to all suffering.” This is my conviction also that is why I practice from heart and yearn to be with the divine. God is always there for us when we practice these blessings than all fear eludes us and confidence in every part of us rises. So let’s get rid of all fear and move onwards and upwards!

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