Listen to the Universe…Listen to your Heart!

Often in life I have heard and seen the universe, the people, the signs, the happenings/occurrences yet, they have come through one ear or eye and exited the other. Why is that? Why did I not listen to what the universe was trying to tell me why did I follow my stubborn ways and not listen to the universe or my heart for that matter. Was the way closed? No my way was wide opened for the best that could have happened. I’ve learned it’s never too late to listen! Although, it is still tough to follow it through in full action. How do I learn from the past mis-happenings? I must make right…NOW…because there are no guarantees on the next second of life. Let the lessons teach me to progress spiritually in my path towards almighty God as I know that is what I was meant for. When I was age six our family Guru Sushil Muni Ji had told my parents I had a lot of power because I used to crawl backwards. My family and relatives took that as and indication that I would be successful and maybe rich when I grew up. But now looking back I know that the ultimate end destiny path was to progress spiritually and learn and share with others what I’ve learned. So listen to your heart it can transform your life or teach you lessons that you never knew were out there waiting for you to guide you to the lighted path throughout your journey until the end. Take a chance because life’s each precious moment never comes back. I urge anyone that is reading this to take a leap on Mother Earth she is a great part of this Universe that can give us insight to what’s next. Heart is love and love is giving, when you give yourself the best chances you have created an opportunity to give that best to others. Share and care that’s the name of this human life we’ve been blessed with!

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