Don’t worry about what’s not in your hand or what you can’t change, leave it to God!!

We often get so worried about certain situations or difficulties that we can get consumed by the unknown future. My mom always says, ” Don’t be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God”. She is absolutely right! Sometimes we listen to these helpful tips yet that vicious worry follows us like our shadow. So often my Mom gets afraid in traffic it’s just a constant concern. Although, she is not afraid of anything else not even death…which is a pretty unique thing. I love her so much and wish for her all the blessings that God can give, because she is a person that truly deserves it! So how do we mitigate and abolish our worries and leave them to God? We should with repetition affirm to ourselves that God is there for me no matter what and I trust the Lord to help me in my life and the “so called turbulences” of life. Let’s have faith in all that has been, is and will be!!

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