It’s not too late to listen!

If you’re breathing right now whatever situation which might be challenging, unbelievable good or bad you’re currently in it’s not too late to take the help of your heart. How do you hone in on what is right for you? How do you optimize your skills and see what route is best for you in life? I’ve noticed that with the start of meditation or even just feeling your body from the inside can begin to open your heart and mind to the creative possibilities that exist within your being and potential life destiny. I say creative because humans are a creative type of being that can feel, think, express, experience, have faith in God, prioritize life and most of all love and give to self and others around you. So have confidence and faith in yourself. Don’t ever give up, keep on trying and trying until you get the solution that may not seem the best when it happens but have faith that it will turn out to be even better than what you had planned. God does things to teach us and if we need to really learn than he makes us take another reincarnation of a human life. At least that is what I’ve heard and believe. May it never it be too late as long as you’re breathing, have faith don’t be late!!

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