Comfort zones!

You know when you’re in your comfort zone you can sometimes lose the insight that you may have once had. I’m not saying don’t enjoy the comfort zones of life or sort of having that Christmassy feeling all year during a good year of life. Rather just become aware that yes, I am in that comfort zone and eventually I should come out of it so not to create any new problems in my life. When we are in this zone some of us get complacent and trouble eventually finds us. How do we become aware? Through starting by taking at least 5 minutes a day and feeling the inside of your body. I am no expert but have had miraculous guidance from my dearest friend and family. So daily I try to become more mindful and aware of what is happening in my life. I do this through meditation and chanting. I hope that this world can become a more peaceful place with people who are more aware. For example, in 2009 I wrote about the Educational revolution that was needed in the world and how we should teach our young ones about mindfulness and meditation. This could create a ripple effect of a new generation teaching these practices to newer generations which would eventually cause generations to live and act with awareness rather ego, pride, anger, jealousy, hatred, no compassion etc. Although, I haven’t done this but I believe that this will happen one day! This is my prayer and me getting out of my comfort to share my ideas yet again.

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