When you feel low, do justice to yourself, family and your guru!

Success comes when you least expect it! Today I was set on not walking or doing my daily routine, I was just feeling a bit low and lazy as it’s Sunday. Then just a bit ago I realized yet again that if I can’t change the past then I CAN certainly change my present by shifting my focus. So I decided to take a 40minute walk and gained some momentum for the day. After all, each day is a new mini life! I decided that when I feel I can’t that actually means I can and I can do this with true dedication to myself and my guru and obviously my family. If I’ve went astray sometimes I’ve always come back with resilience. Now, I know inside that I can do my meditation and exercises. I’m grateful to my Gurudev for all that he has taught me, he has helped shape me in a way that knows no bounds even throughout time. I was so happy after doing my walk and making through to my commitments to myself. I realize that some days our good and some aren’t for everyone but it all comes down to our reactions from the situation or our feelings. So now getting to the other side of happiness means not only gratitude but so called success. Thank you God for giving me this family which includes my Guru!

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