The Art of the Game!

So seldom, I’ve heard that playing the GAME of life is an art form! He once said that life is nothing but a game! So how we define our life is up to us. I certainly define it as a “game” in which there are ups and downs and the regular phases. This game has taught me a lot often having to learn from my own experiences and mistakes not willing to learn from others mistakes. My Grandfather used to say that there are three types of people in this world: 1. Who learns from other people’s mistakes. 2. One who learns from their own mistakes. 3. Then the one who never learns. I’ve always attempted to be in the first two categories so that no matter what I at least learn from my own mistakes. So if I was told by my parents that I’m about to do the wrong thing than why didn’t I listen and learn from their experiences? Maybe they just told me not to do something but didn’t give me the history on where they had learned this from. I later in life realized it’s often not easy to give the complete story to your child when there is a sense of urgency or when ones in a rush. I was usually the one in a rush trying to experience new things for myself. I didn’t listen to them but perhaps if I did my life would have been different. I say it’s never too late to listen and learn. So now I listen to their experiences and learn from them. Learning from other people’s experiences was a great task for me because I wanted to go through it myself and see if there was an alternate outcome. Or I got influenced and got caught up in the wrong company of people. Whatever it was, it was all part of this “Game called Life”. The game that we can learn from while in this human body. The game that we can breath in and be a part of. The game that can free ourselves from karma of the past. It is such a beautiful yet complicated game. Why do we make it complicated? I know I made it complicated because I didn’t listen to my parents in all the things they told me. I can’t go back and change time all I can do is use the time I have in ways that would work better for me now and tomorrow. I’m thankful for being a part of this game! So what’s the solution, the end, the beginning or the middle?

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