The rise of disguise!

So often, especially in today’s day and age we ourselves are a huge disguise to others. We intend for ourselves to be transparent with certain friends or relatives or even our spouses! However, often most of us have either our own insecurities or feelings that makes us become the disguise versus the original version. Why do some of us compete with our friends? How often do we make time to spend with our friends? Or even our family for that matter? Are we so consumed in technology or life or do we have the perfect balance of every aspect of life that we’ve longed for? I’m sure none of us have a perfect life all the time…but some of us may be going through a good phase that has good experiences related to it. But those good old times don’t last forever. So how can we navigate through the so called ups and downs of life? I say it first comes with honesty to ourselves, being true to ourselves with no disguise with ourselves or our close ones. Then we sprinkle mindfulness in our lives and this mindfulness creates a spark of balance and this balance triggers us to be stable in the good times and bad times. So not becoming overly excited that happiness takes you to a lost space or not overly sad when darkness dawns upon us. I call it the “challenges of balances”. Why do I make this phrase plural? Well, because this life has the capacity to make you ecstatic and also miserable. So they are many challenges and much balancing that we need to do to live the best and happiest life that you could ever wish for. It starts from within and then exudes from the very deepest corners of our heart. This truth and honesty is one of the most beautiful things that God has given us, we are blessed if we can get over our minute yet sometimes daunting internal issues and be all that we ever dreamed of!! The HOW is a WOW! What’s the method to get there?

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