The HOW is a WOW!

So my last post was about how some of us get caught in a disguise mode with even our close loved ones including our friends! So how do we become transparent with ourselves first and then even with our friends or people who we want to be open with yet sometimes situations or insecurities or certain feelings stop us from doing so. From my personal experiences, I can say it always starts from within the heart and soul. Sometimes we must take time to cleanse ourselves and our insides. Freeing ourselves from insecurity is like being liberated. Sometimes we may obviously chose not to be transparent with others. The way to liberation during while living this human life is feasible! How do we cleanse ourselves! Deep feeling of the inside of your body parts, counting backwards from 10-0 on each part daily. Then stillness to begin try not to physically move for 5 minutes daily. Then chanting a mantra that is close to your heart it can be something like “Om Namoh Bhagvate Vasudevayaa.” These methods I have learned from my guide. Chant while feeling your belly and palms (have palms facing upward towards the sky). This will eventually penetrate your whole being and you will begin to become free from any insecurities. It is possible to love, live and give your best life to yourself and others around you. Have faith and hope!

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