There’s never an end to our desires…more, more and more!

Desires and wants from this material world are often a trap to only wanting more! Would you call this Ambition or just desire? I call it desire because Ambition can be for a non-financial goal that may benefit society in a way you never expected. One time became many when it came to smoking for me, when I was much younger. It came to a revelation at a later age that this world is over filled with temptation, desires, wants at every breathing corner of existence. Interestingly, these wants seem to create what I call the “more, more and more” phenomena which can sometimes overtake your life in a very subtle, quiet way that you didn’t even know. It can be something simple as food or your favorite dish at a restaurant that keeps calling you back for “more” this one of the more mundane things that we can crave or desire often. The craving doesn’t have to be from a restaurant it can even be at home wanting to have your favorite food over and over and over again! These are the tiny desires that often catch us by surprise. There are many others desires that sometimes can put us in the “more” phase and sometimes it’s just a one or two time want. I’m trying to say everyone is different but the human framework is generally the same. Life is such that we only come to this realization in elder years after getting ourselves caught in a situation or two or more! People can even get caught in their desires and overspend beyond their means and be in major debt, this is one of the world’s issues especially in the USA. The debt life has Endless Desires written all over it. How do we get over this issue or how do we get out of it? Separate yourself from your situation, take it step by step, get organized and prioritize your desires and possibly finances. Start cutting back one by one. The situation is not so simple but there is a solution, there is hope to be free of too much material desire!

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