Gupt Daan – Giving charity without telling anyone!

So “Gupt Daan” is a Hindi phrase that means to quietly give charity! Why do some of us like bragging or even talking about what they have done or given to a certain charity. I understand that if it’s a good cause like helping underprivileged cancer patients and you’re trying to spread the word. Although, if you’re “intention” is to possibly make yourself feel better by telling someone something good you did to get their approval or to make yourself look good or to even make yourself feel better about yourself then this depletes from your storage of good energy. The ones who like to give but don’t tell others have experienced a great feeling of self love. We don’t need to exploit our good intentions only to find ourselves being needy for praise, attention or approval. I say approval because sometimes in the corporate world we do say these things to our upper management. I one time told someone about the charity I had given but later realized how much of a mistake I made. My intention wasn’t right. I had told that person to make myself look good which wasn’t the right thing to do. Why was I so needy? I learned that it is a good thing to keep your charities to yourself. Now I make it a point to keep it to myself and immediate family and I feel there’s no greater joy than to give!

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