Trust is a Must!?!

Often in life, I have experienced that Trust is a Must!  In so many areas of my life starting from the Corporate world all the way to the Spiritual world I have seen that once Trust is established, faith happens not only in oneself but also the other entity you’re dealing with. Trust is the ANSWER for any confusions we may have.  May this Trust be with the almighty God or may it be with a guide/guru, or with people who have a proven track record with you.  I have found that having faith in the Supreme can give us Hope, Faith and most of all Trust.  Having faith in God is one of the elements of this present lifetime that gives us not only a sense of security but also the confidence to move forward with our goals.  It may even give us positively intention-ed Ambition.  This Ambition is not just to succeed in the financial world (hopefully to financially and otherwise help others) as the word Ambition is often perceived, but it is to propel ourselves to the next level or shifting our focus of this amazing human life we’ve been given by God.  When we shift our focus, everything starts becoming clear and we look  beyond the so called materialistic aspects of life and go towards what is the most important and that is good deeds or karma.   This happens when we want to intrinsically be the best version of ourselves and working towards that goal without any expectations.  Basically, this “work” leads us to happiness and it starts from Trust, which allows Faith, which allows Hope, which in some of us can create a motivational Ambition to be the best we can be.  So using our time effectively is one of the best things we can do to prioritize and organize our life so that all our goals can occur with due efforts.  We should Trust that “whatever” results come through our goals is the workings of God!

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