Intention…The Joy of Dying!?!

I have had priceless guidance for 22years but I was so unaware of what I had that I unknowingly took it for granted, I flitted here and there but was always with my true guide at heart. He has taught me myriad lessons in many unique ways. I am so grateful to God to have experienced his gracious giving love in this lifetime. My initial intention of writing was to help all global citizens with everyday stresses, and the best way to have had done that was through a memoir because I didn’t have a platform I was just a normal guy going through the unmindful lost motions of life and time. Just enjoying this human chassis that I have. Almighty lord and my guide has given me so many opportunities but they have passed me by like wind in the air. God and my guide has shown me true love since the very blessed day I met him in December 1997.

I wanted to write a book called the “The Joy of Dying” to explore fears that people including myself had about death and always using time with awareness, of which I have 300pages of notes and content regarding my dear revelations in the past years since February 2009 when I got the idea to start writing.

I was in India that month and on my way to see my in laws that warm sunny day I saw a 2 wheeler cart where the driver who was holding the big cart with two hands holding all the weight of the cart on his shoulders. He had gotten into an accident and was lying dead on the ground with blood seeping out of his rested body. That day I came up with the idea and title for the book. I started recording voice notes on my phone that I transcribed later in the following years and also created many many small pieces of note papers on which I had my notes and revelations about what we really need as a society, global community and our modern day human species. I took pictures of relevant triggering revelations. The biggest take away was “how to slow time down” or as modern people call it “mindfulness” and the proper use of our time while trying to be present in each moment, seeing emotions and thoughts as they happen in the present and being an unbiased observer or witness of the fleeting moment. My Guru taught me more about meditation and mindfulness. The “JOD”, “Joy of Dying” book as I called it was all about never having to repent about wasting another precious moment of this amazing life and era.

As some time elapsed I started seeing dreams or wishes of grandeur, success, ambition, lust and fame. I forgot that my goal or intention was to contribute. I temporarily forgot about the “true intention”. Then one day in 2011 the same year my first son was born my guide then showed me an art and spiritual book that pointed towards the question of asking oneself what is your true intention? He pointed that out so that I would always remember my mission in life which is to help others. I’ve had a wide array of experiences in the past 39 years and pray that I will be able to share more with people who want or need help. I’m not blogging for any reason other than just wanting to help in some way. I’m doing it because I know my true intentions now!

None of my post are edited, just written from the heart as is…

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