The blessing of family and friends!

When we enter into this world we come alone and when we leave this world we leave alone…so what’s left in the middle is called “Life”. If we are blessed enough in life to have some friends and family then we are already rich in priceless wealth. I was lucky to be born into this Jain family who has given me so much more than breath, life, experiences, food, shelter, unconditional love and the blessing of family! I have always said that if I worked one – one millionth as hard working as my Father then I can accomplish and unthinkable task. My parents are my God here on Earth. They’ve raised me with immense patience, love, guidance and values. Regardless, of my many mistakes they’ve always been by my side throughout my entire life even after marriage. My wife, children, sister and extended family are really good people who have loved me from the heart always and I feel so blessed to have experienced endless love like this in my lifetime. I have good old friends that have been like family to me. Seeing these blessings makes me feel better and content. I realize that money comes and goes but in good times and bad family and friends are with you on your side. I thank God for placing me in this family and I vow to do what it takes to protect them and keep them happy always. Thank you God for all the blessings you have given I pray that every other person gets love like this. I’m grateful to have companions in good and bad times thank you Lord.

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