Is lust a must!?!

Well, what does lust really mean? Simply defined by it’s “sexual desire or appetite”. I’ll start out by saying that it’s everyone’s choice to use they’re body, mind and soul however they want, the latter is from experience or revelation. There is so much beauty in the material world that we don’t realize how lust can take us over and take us away from true human beauty traits like compassion, living, giving, peacefulness and the list goes on. Sometimes love and lust are intertwined, we as people should be able to decipher between both things. What is it that we truly strive for…that is love and happiness. Why does sex appeal sometimes drive us away from our goals or from what we truly want in life. Lust just sucks sometimes like he says “it takes up the most energy”. Why do we sometimes let it consume us to the potential realms of no return. It can become an addiction. Lust is everywhere and what does a man think when he sees a woman dressed in a skimpy, sexy mini skirt with exotic hair, hot red lipstick, sparkling makeup, cleavage, panty hose and high heels. Think about men and women who go to clubs, bars, strip clubs who are allured by women or men or the LGBT community. It is intriguing just how people dress these days as if they were encouraging the desire to be physically checked out from head to toe. I often wonder how this era just less than 70 years ago was very conservatively dressed and how sex appeal was at a minimum. Whereas today, lust and sex appeal is on every corner, billboard, commercial or in many people minds. Is it a must? Is it a carnal desire? Well, desires or attachment to anything comes and goes unless it becomes an addiction. So is it a must, NO, nothing is really a must, yet it’s a choice to partake in various actions or activities. Lust can consume us to the depths of our being. Sometimes even knowing you don’t want it, you get entranced by the ways and eyes of a person. Also, intense lust often occurs under some sort of intoxication in my opinion and sometimes it may not. But the question is, what is really, truly important in the bigger picture of life as an adult who has learned some things from their various experiences. It’s love, peace and happiness and innate human virtues. So I now try to make a choice to use my mind, desires, heart, body and soul in the right realm with the right direction and right solid decisions. Let’s learn and transform our beings to the best version of ourselves.

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