My first addiction as a child was food or the beauty of experiencing food and liquids through desirous taste buds!

Why do I call food, eating or drinking as a child an addiction? Isn’t food and water or liquids a mere need for growth? When we are born we are given milk to grow but as soon as we get to the toddler stage or solid food eating days our taste buds start coming alive. For me it started with sweets and Coca Cola and my teeth suffered because I was so enamored with the way these things made my taste buds feel more and more satiated! When did that satiation become a so called need, habit or addiction? I don’t even know how it happened the way I fell in a fake love with these foods and liquids. Until this day I drink soda and sweets and finally now at the age of 38 I have realized my addiction or cravings for these things. My dearest friend had once told me that habit is nothing but “repetition personified”. He was right I had been indulging for so long that I don’t even recall when these so called affairs with sweets and coke consumed me. The same can happen with any substance we ingest, inhale or take. It does matter what one is addicted to due to the severity of how it affects your life or health. But what doesn’t change is the fact that we have a habit or addiction that we have to conquer. With the power of the lord no habit stands a chance. So whatever the habit or addiction may be it is present in our lives. Is there a difference between liking something or having a habit or addiction, yes there is! It’s called limit or moderation, my parents have told me for a long time that “anything in excess is bad for you”. They were right, so what’s the solution? For me it is self confidence, meditation, faith, hope and gratitude! What is your healing power is there any habit that you have that you can over come, did you ever feel the need to test yourself or analyze this aspect of human life? Yes, failure is a part of this but so the habit of “not giving up” or having perseverance from within. Maybe this unending effort will culminate in your personal mission of your life. I sure hope that’s how it works out for me…what about you?

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