Michaami Dukadam…Forgive and Forget!

Often forgiveness from oneself is the trick to set yourself free to help forgive all others around you who may have hurt you intentionally or unintentionally. From a very young age of eight I realized all of us humans have the same insecurities, fears, similar disappointments, trials and tribulations but often don’t admit it because we don’t want to be vulnerable or different. We all are the same type from birth to death. So what does that have to do with forgiveness? ALL of us humans go through the cycles of ups and downs and that is one thing we all have in common. If we first forgive ourselves for that angry reaction, loud fight or even for dating that someone who wasn’t meant for us, we feel more at ease. We all should be able to agree that problems and suffering are a part of this human life. So why go through life with grudges and misery why not live FREE! Anger, jealousy, hatred etc only boils our own blood. I’m writing this blog today so that I officially ask for forgiveness from all people and beings I’ve interacted with and to whom I have caused hurt or pain knowingly or unknowingly through mind, speech, body or heart. Similarly, I also forgive all people and beings that have hurt me or caused pain in my life. I set myself free from all past pains and future experiences. I’m grateful to my culture that teaches me once a year to ask forgiveness from all souls if I’ve hurt them knowingly or unknowingly. In Jainism, this time of year is called Paryushan a week long practice of penance, cleansing and purifying our souls. I am doing this forgiveness practice everyday so that no pain can pinch me or no joy can overwhelm me. Neutrality is the goal, gratefulness and equilibrium. I once heard that we shouldn’t get too sad or too happy in bad or good times. So if you’re neutral then your balanced and ready to peacefully take on your next journey wherever that destiny line takes you. Life is so ephemeral and fleeting it’s here one day and gone the next so breath each second with gratitude and forgiveness this will only give you the ultimate peace and bliss experience. Forgive and forget, be the peace and the equilibrium in the room of family, crowded strangers or a work meeting. This attitude of forgiveness and gratitude can transform your being, this is my belief. May we all smile without cause… or with cause…and with no regret….try and try and try harder and never give up. Resolve is ours.

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