Use and spend time like money!

Only if we could all make this statement our habit and part of our daily lives! Second after second time elapses and never does it return, minute after minute we grow not just literally but also mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically…what if we could all truly live in the “moment” like the popular phrase goes. Everyone these days talks about living in the moment and being present…but how difficult is it to put our dear intentions and words into action! It is truly a contradiction that we live through most of our lives. 90% of our human lives go by without really living in the moment. Do we ever notice how most of us run on “autopilot”? I’m sad to admit that most of my life has been a bunch of autopilot habits and repetition. It started with the things we intrinsically needed like learning how to eat, walk, talk etc…then it turned into learning how to have conversation…social skills like playing with friends at a young age which turns into learning how not to and how to be cool in school and college. Point is we get so consumed in becoming who we want to be or think we should be in the first twenty years of life that we really don’t completely relish all that we learn or do along the way…we don’t notice the small minute details that actually make this human life so very beautiful! It first goes by without even noticing the beauty and nature of our childhood, yes, it takes most of us that growing factor to learn a little bit about how life works. As my dearest friend says “life is just a game”. It’s true in the beginning we are making mistakes and hopefully learning from them, even though it takes some of us a few of the same mistakes to finally learn a lesson, yes, I’m a culprit. But the whole point is do we eventually learn how to learn and live with conduct so that we may get to love with conviction. “Love is nothing but giving” he says. They often say time is money and really if you think of the analogy it’s true! Not literally but metaphorically, money or time doesn’t often come in a windfall most of us have to work hard to earn it, just like that most of us have to work hard to earn “Life’s Money” which to me is time. Our mindset is the first thing we need to change for development of such a goal as making life full of money or time. Time and money never come back once you spend it it’s gone, so be a bit frugal when it comes down to where you spend those precious green backs and moments. Try not to waste time but rather use it more productively and happily. Just like money don’t spend your whole paycheck on the first day, save what you can for those special times you have with friends, family or a partner. That is also time allotted and money spent. Once these things elapse or get used they never come back I’m saying it again to drive the point home. It’s just like your tongue once you say something aloud you can’t blurt it back in. So be cognizant and aware of where that precious commodity of time, which is even more expensive then dollar bills, takes you. The expense that is priceless is time yes, sustenance within means is very important but the extra seconds or minutes you got are a tribute to your own life, habit and character in the end.

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