Knowing is not experiencing!

How often do we think I wish I would have done that or done this? We think of many great deeds but do we get around to many or all of them. Just like this we know so much but have we taken the time to take action on what we know, have we experienced our actions with the true first hand experience? I know for example that so called time/life is one of the most precious things we attain. From this “time” all beautiful things arise, the first is life itself in all its entirety which is your first moment of breath to the last moment of breath in this body. The phrase “I know” is so easily blurted out by us frequently, but do we truly know? Have we truly tasted the experiences that this beautiful era and life on earth have to offer us, this beauty is available for our experiences each and every second we seek them! The sun rise, the sun set, the wind across your face, just sitting in the sun, laying on the sand at the beach, camping in the mountains. Whatever we know as fun or lovely can also be experienced with utmost joy if we immerse completely with all of our attention to our actions. We know of all these beautiful creations, but do we immerse our own selves in this beauty. Why do we not let ourselves get consumed by this beautiful earth. Many would say I don’t have time or it’s not a priority. My Grandfather used to say a successful person has time for everything. So be it…if we notice that sun shine when we first leave the inside of our home or shelter and smell the dew, see the sun glare through the clouds…I can guarantee that if you take 10 mere seconds to do this with full attention your experience of life will increase 100 fold. That is the beauty of knowing something or that some goal is possible and then working towards the experience that we all can treasure and take with us in our mental imagery treasure box of life! So know more to experience more and you can know less too if you choose to say that ignorance is just bliss. I say choose to know and choose to experience because neither that moment will come back nor neither the present self as you were at that moment will return! Live wholesome and complete!! Know and Experience!!

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