History and Future comes only once in this lifetime or body!

When we came into this world, into this body we didn’t know where we were, what our purpose was or even had the consciousness to recall who we were at birth. We only had our senses, like such those of five sensed animals. It’s so strange how we are created to have bonds, attachments and love throughout our lives but the inevitable is that we must leave alone, detached and usually not remembering this beautiful journey we had on earth! We think of good times and bad times as a big issue good or bad and how often we don’t realize that this time warp we are in is just that ‘a constant change’ where this so called time takes over our lives, schedules, fears, sadness, happiness, good times etc. We often don’t think twice or we just get used to not thinking twice about how valuable each lasting moment is, we don’t know when our last one will come. So all the temporary memories we make will forever be just a reflection of time that was. We perceive and experience life for its great volatility but when we’re old we want the young back and when we’re kids we can’t wait to grow up, this phenomena never changes, or rather should I say this satisfaction teeter tot never gets satisfied because we often chase what we don’t have. Like when one is about to die they chase the memories of their life and history of their being but it’s all elapsed by then, why not try to not get consumed in time and don’t take it for granted. We all as we are, these people, will only have these volatile experiences only once as this person. So let’s try to cherish the day so it won’t go away without a constant craving to live for the now, for the memory we just made a second a go. Live mindfully through each breath, we are ALIVE RIGHT NOW…LIVE ON FRIENDS AND CHERISH EACH MOMENT, whatever type of pitch or ball comes your way today! Ever smiling…

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