Take a Chance…don’t fear the dance!!

One of my dearest friends told me once upon a time that life was just a game! It took me a long time to realize the fun of the game that we all play knowingly or unknowingly…sometimes life throws curve balls at you and sometimes life throws fast balls. Whatever ball you get you have to do the best with what you got. Make the right choices to your best ability at the moment of the decision, take a chance, live and give…no one know what tomorrow brings! Every breath as a human being is a chance to thrive and look at the positive while understanding that sometimes even the right decisions are wrong later and the wrong decisions are right later…it’s much bigger than a choice. We all are part of a greater source that helps define our choices and destiny…outcomes can be different based on our karma but the one thing to take away from all this is don’t get consumed in negative repetition or habits. Like I was told once that lust consumes the most energy from us beings…something like carnal desires. Why do we get caught in the midst of lust, sex, desires, attractions is it our nature or is it the times we live in…no it has always been this way but this era is full of lust and it’s openly exposed all over the world. So how do we get so entangled and entranced sometimes, what brings out the best and worst in us? Let us focus on what brings out the best why do we always have to have an anti positive element that takes away from bringing out our very best…it is more than our karma it’s what we do or the decisions we choose by the virtue of our thought process. It’s all within our thinking and emotions which creates doing/actions. I wish we could all do this dance or game of life more elegantly with poise, honesty and true happiness so that we could find our very best life partner…that may consist of lust but it may consist of something deeper than that as well maybe the understanding of one another or maybe true unconditional love…finding the right partner could be for a variety of reasons…but getting lost in this lustful dance of life is not always the funnest thing! I wish that we all find our right paths and partners (maybe even just friends) for the beings of this planet and universe including myself!

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