Why should we pray to our little babies and our elders? Is it because they’re the closest to God?

Yes, I was thinking about this the other day…in Jainism some say the soul comes into the body during the 9th week of conception. Before this where were they? Were they in heaven, a waiting area, ethereal space or just the astral plane. There is a scientific and religious method to this process, they say Jainism is a science and religion both of these elements are a integral part of this following. Also, some people say that when our elders are ready to go back home they have an inkling about. When we have religious gatherings like a Jagrata or Jagran (all night prayer) we pray to the almighty Mother of the Earth and heavens. Durga Mata as we say in Hindu culture. When this prayer occurs the host usually touches the feet of all children as they are considered the purest form of human beings, so innocent. Also, when we see our elders or parents in the we touch their feet as a symbol of respect and the seeking of their blessings. I’ve always said that my parents are the ultimate God here on earth for me. They gave me this breath, this life, these experiences they helped to keep me strong in my roots no matter how many mistakes I’ve made in life I’ve always come back to my upbringing, my family, my religion and dharma. Yes, it has taken me many try’s to learn my dharma and karma but my mistakes make me stronger. It’s the blessings I’ve received from the almighty to live my life so far in the ultimate road to truth and learning. I am close to God when I am in the presence of my parents or children. That is why I respect and love them so much and pray the best for them always. So let’s seek blessings from our innocent children and wise elders, for us to make the right decisions which ultimately contribute to good karma and positive actions. This can only come from an intrinsic realization. I don’t request you to follow any suggestions but I only request you to find your own truth because when it’s our turn to be close to God again (even though we are internally God itself in this being) either at a young or elder age I believe it’s something that is invaluable that can uplift our souls to rise closer to a goal of ultimate freedom! Pray to oneself and other important entities not always literally but through your actions. Action is karma and this karma can free you forever.

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