Wrinkles of time!

Why do most of us always go after physical attractions when we want to pursue a mate…why can’t we look at the bigger picture? Over time, we all will get wrinkles, at least most of us. When I was getting married over 10 years ago I was enchanted by my life partner to be. She was full of sweetness, creativity and most of all LOVE! I learned over time that these physical looks or attractions don’t mean much because once we’ve fallen in love so deeply there’s no way in heaven that you’d want to change that partner…I was lucky enough to find a pure hearted, hard working and loving woman who is a great mother, daughter to our parents and dear wife to me! So what if I didn’t follow my attractions who knew what would’ve happened but I do know this much that we all are at the mercy of his grace. We aren’t sent a heavenly pre-determined partner or two or three haha if we’re divorced but we are sent choices, decisions and outcomes per our karma. Follow your heart in matters of love…your intentions are what matters the most. So be grateful after you’ve made a correct or incorrect decision don’t lay the blame elsewhere but only on yourself if things don’t work out. I hope for all the loving couples in the world who want to grow old together are able to. This contentment is part of many people’s lives but some don’t live that long. Only the lord knows the best way for you… and we should trust the almighty, divine energies that make us glow and flow within our path or destiny. Thanks for wrinkles even almost at 40 years of age I’m so blessed to have lived even this long with my dearest partner. May the Lord bless us all always, in good health, sickness, happiness and sadness til death do us part from our partners. But I believe that if your karmas are connected there’s a chance you may be connected to that partner somehow someway in the future to come! It’s all related to your own truth or conviction!

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