Sound = Word = Meaning = Human Creation!

I’ve learned from my dearest friend that sounds are what counts, I’ve also inferred or mused about this very interesting topic! The most important words are the sounds or the vibrations that are good for us or not as good for us. Maybe that’s why people change their names. I’m not an expert but this I’ve realized from my experiences and internal feelings I get from my body when I meditate. For example, the universal word “Om” or “Aum” is a universal sound that invokes meditation from the third eye. So why do we get stuck behind meanings so often? I suppose it’s because we’re humans who have so many varieties of attachment and self respect and ego. We get so concerned with meanings of words that we ourselves, our species has given. Most ancient dictionaries are less then 5000 years old, before that it was body language and sounds, wasn’t it, see how we have learnt and evolved…for good and bad.

Actually, I had even tried changing my name with the help of my Guru but I wasn’t consistent with it so it may have not had the most effect possible. That’s why if you find a true Guru then follow with intrigue, questions and the realization that only you the seeker will have to do the “work” not the Guru….meaning in the end the action has to come from you. No one can do it for you…all we can do is seek with humility and learn earnestly. Sometimes I hear words or phrases like “I’m coming” or “Just leave me alone” but what matters the most is the tone of voice or sound or vibration these sounds make. Some can yell “I’m coming” or patiently say “I’m coming” it’s just a matter of how the other hears it or perceives it. I’m grateful to the Gurus of my Guru and his parents and almighty God for letting me have these experiences, revelations and eye opening facts that have changed this life that I’m currently in and believe it will positively impact my soul and future lives if you believe in that kind of thing. I can’t make you believe it, it has to come from your own experiences and own taste of the divine “nectar”. Listen carefully to others and yourself it’s quite interesting.

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