The body is my temple!

Since childhood into younger years I’ve treated my body as a junk food trash can ranging from ingesting brownies to alcohol and lots of stuff in the middle, some good some bad. My physician sister told me the other day what I’ve heard many times in life but this time it actually hit me… that our overall health physical, mental, emotional and at times spiritual comes from the way we nourish our body or ruin it! So hence, I’ve started changing my lifestyle finally! I now drink green fruit smoothies daily, meditate day and night for some time and my goal is to exercise for 45 minutes each session 3 times a week. I’m making achievable goals so that I can accomplish them, and slowly and slowly progress to heights of good health, more happiness and spiritual freedom which is the ultimate freedom one can have as a human. So treat your body with treats sometimes but in moderation and nourishment that makes you feel good. Self control is the key not just discipline but the acceptance of a new you, one who is fearless and ready to take on the world in this life and all others moving forward. Soul cleansing is what I call it…unknotting the ties that bond you…and can heal you. I’m grateful to my parents and God for giving me this human body that, I want to give it the very best I can without expecting anything from it but doing my best for the body to feel at home always… my body, mind and soul. It’s all within.

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