Will I ever see a car again?

Will I ever see a car again? People who lived a hundred years ago couldn’t imagine freeways or vehicles that traveled quicker than the speed of old school trains back then or contraptions that traveled ten times faster at almost the height of the earths atmosphere. Our creative human imagination has taken us so far and will continue to take us past technological innovations that we cannot even fathom today. This human life is so ephemeral that there is no guarantee on the next second of life for all of us. So today we see cars, planes, space capsules, ships and so on. The fact is that we will live this human life only once as this person that we currently are, even if you believe in reincarnation you won’t take birth as the same person with the same family. Yeah, maybe the same souls 😀 but not the same bodies. So dependent on your beliefs you may not ever see a car or plane or bus again if you die today. Point being let’s not take for granted what we have been blessed with in today’s life, in this birth, in this body…we aren’t sure of our next lives to come. In Jainism we believe that after 84 million lives we get another human life based on your merit or karma vs your demerits. So let’s value our technology including cars, phones, trains, planes, buses and houses. There’s no guarantee on the next second of life…us humans live on hope and strive for achievement through our efforts and yes it is said that God helps those who help themselves. So let’s continue to strive for our best while valuing each of our myriad elements of technology, life, family, friends, and others that we may not even know (yes, a smile to a stranger goes a long way). Thank this nature and existence each morning you’ve woken up, to have another mini life to live, love and laugh in. Each day is a mini life use it well!!

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