When was candy made? Or desire for that matter?

I just found out that the word sugar was first derived from the Sanskrit word Shakara which does mean sugar in Hindi. It was first found between the 6th and 4th century BC. Isn’t it amazing how about 2500 years later we have liquid sugar called soda or even sugar in energy drinks or chocolate. Yes, this was the start of a tasty and palatable element that spread through the years and has made its name as sugar in the present day. This started as a new taste or fad for humans but has turned into a desirous and quite addictive substance for many people obese and not obese. How do we control our palate, our lovely taste buds or the amount that our individual and unique bodies need? We eat sugar in so many foods or drinks that it is now taken for granted. Do many of our desires also root from a similar phenomenon called human desire, want or even addiction. Yes, I realize that every being is very different and may or may not have the taste buds for sugar or that specific desire but sugar isn’t the real point of this article it’s just an example of how human desire eventually evolves and continues to change with time. We all are just followers of our innate or acquired desires. How do we control ourselves or even know what amount of what substance is ok for us to ingest but again it doesn’t have to be something you ingest, it’s the feeling of euphoria or ephemeral satisfaction that takes us over and over takes us. So how do we know what is right for us and what isn’t, is it the high of sky diving or the high of alcohol or the high of marijuana…everyone is different but one thing that remains the same in most of us is that element of desire, wish, want not need but a craving for the body not the soul.

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