Don’t be a broken record…why do some of us have an obsessive need for instant gratification?

Often growing up as children we always want more and more and more or we just want it our way or the highway. Some personalities have a stronger urge to have things there way and they repeatedly state out their desires over and over either until the other person succumbs or either they negotiate for their way. If used in a negative form to always get your way it can be harmful to oneself. But if used for the betterment and intention of contributing or helping another than we are fighting for a greater cause but often we are just wanting to fulfill our own needs and gratify ourselves these gratifying needs can become demonic if not controlled at a young age. It can lead to stubbornness or even addiction. While we are young we can be tamed by our family or parents but once a child grows up and gets education it’s very difficult to change. My Dad always says it’s “tough to teach an educated person” because he is too stuck in his/her own ways or perceptions. The only cure for this type of symptom is meditation which is often the cure to and endless plethora of symptoms. I deal with my very strong headed sons and we try to compromise with them but it’s very difficult even at the ages of 4 and 7. So it’s important to have that conversation and action plan in play before your children grow up, I suggest reading about it before your child comes into this world. Because this world has the ability of to give you all you want and desire but do desires ever end or is there a way to be balanced? Yes, that way and cure is meditation at any age. It can show us gratitude for all that we have and more. We live in a world of instant gratification emails every minute, ac on as soon as you enter your car, or even demands on your partner. So let’s be strong and decisive to give ourselves and our children this eye opener of attitude and compromise it helps tame the inside of our beings.

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