You have to be relaxed and comfortable to hear the silence within!

My guide practices and preaches about silence. Today after going through some interviews, I realize that silence within is priceless. I’ve learned that silence can take care of all your concerns and help you to understand others and avoid misunderstanding others especially within the relationships that are so very valuable. I want to be able to understand myself even deeper through the exploration of the self. This process of self-realization never ends because we all change and grow with time that never stops. So the self we understand today may be somewhat different than the self we try to comprehend tomorrow. The more consistently we know ourselves the better we are able to understand others. I’ve learned from my guide that we have to be physically and then mentally relaxed and at comfort to start hearing the silence within. I believe this can be achieved through what I’ve learned and that is feeling the body from within. I try to practice this heavenly meditation with the blessing of my guide. I pray that this world becomes a better place through the recognition and practice of mindfulness and meditation.

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