Change of heart!

I told my son you’re the best and then immediately afterwards I said, “you and your brother are the best.” I could see the change in his behavior when I included his brother as well. Yes, he’s young, but that’s when it all starts.

Our behaviors are based on our physical, emotional and mental responses. How we deal with our responses is all tied into our innate selves that we’re born with.

Only with age, time, growth and experiences do we begin to change ourselves and our behaviors/responses. I put myself into my son’s position and thought, yeah, I would feel a bit bad initially too.

Although, in the bigger picture (as I’m older) I would appreciate the fact that I was given a positive message of love. Why do we allow others to change our behavior, even by the slightest type of reaction or feeling?

Yes, we’re human, but we also have free will, the right to choose how we feel in the moment and how we want to feel in the next moment.

We can set ourselves up for feeling the best if we so chose to. It’s a matter of choice to step into the next moment with a changing of the heart.

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