A different kind of bucket list!

A bucket list has many things in it from going to a certain destination or experiencing a certain activity.  Make a bucket list that involves new actions, experiences or events that you either fear or are excited to do.   It could even be a lifestyle change you want in your life it doesn’t always have to be doing some activity…it can be changing yourself to the way you desire.  I know I must forgive, be compassionate and be fearless no matter what comes my way.  I also should never give up and live each day and moment as if it is your last.  Today is the first day of my life for the rest of my life.  When I’m present then I am spiritual and successful, I try to create a true vision and implement it even though it’s not easy, this is part of my bucket list. I feel I must continue to do all duties as a father, husband, son, and brother. My goal is to do good for others, if you can’t, then don’t do bad and don’t hurt others. I also strive to help self, family and then others embrace  good karma. I believe that every morning you have a choice to be happy or miserable/fearful/not aware.  I choose to be happy and informed while growing spiritually.  I also am working to be the best role model for my family.  Another big one is not to ruminate on past or future.  Actually future doesn’t exist only present does. Pay today and have it free tomorrow even though tomorrow never comes.  My body is an instrument to practice spirituality so I treat my body right and constantly cleanse the self. The bucket list for me is how I am til date and what I continue to strive for, because no matter what there is always space for improvement, but never be too hard on yourself, motivate yourself and let go of your fears, live free.

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