What’s more important, doing religious things or more practical helpful activities that will benefit self and society?

This is an interesting topic that I often think about.  I believe it’s important to have a balance between the two, but most of us are dedicated to prayers and then practical activities that help our society.  I’m passionate about helping others in whichever way I can, at least that is how I feel.  It’s important to pray as well so that we remember virtuosity in our daily practices and behaviors with self and society.   I suppose the answer is not what’s more important in general, but when is which activitiy more important.  Is it a better time to pray or a better time to go help out in the homeless shelter.  It’s all relative and truly based on the individuals perspective.  I try to pray daily and also practically help myself and others around me.  God may not fix all your problems by only praying but along with your efforts the lord will help by showing you the path…it’s a two way street! How we live in our daily life is up to us, I try to always stay on the “solid” path. This topic even brings up another question, why are so many religions in India so backwards?  We offer rice and milk to statues of God, believing he will be happy with us, rather, I believe it would be more beneficial to feed people that are less fortunate.  I wish I could benefit society more but that’s a question for time to play itself out.

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