For a good healthy body and hopefully life…you need Sleep, Self-Control and proper food or diet…

I used to be such a junk food eater and was a twig when I was young…I didn’t always sleep properly or have a good diet plan.  I was young careless and pretty free.  As I grew older I started to drink green juice, smoothies, protein shakes and would go in and out of phases of enjoying these health foods.  Now I’m pretty consistent but it took a lot of determination and repeated failure to get there.  I have learned the hard way that sleep is very important I now need a minimum of 7 hours of sleep to be efficient and 8-9 hours to be super productive.  Sleep helps to regenerate our tired bodies and emotions, I’m not a sleep expert but from experience I’ve learned it’s a huge part of being the best person I can be.  Self-control is a tough one because when I was young I wanted more of this or that, the list didn’t stop but I didn’t always get what I wanted but I still tried.  Even now self-control is something that my Mom told me that I wouldn’t have gotten where I am today if it weren’t for the ability to have some self-control, it’s somewhat true.  So controlling my desires hasn’t always been easy but through time and it’s needs I learn to hold myself back because I know that there will always be some desires that our left behind.  So it’s a matter of doing a good job to convince yourself that it’s best to stay in your limits, that’s what I try hard to do for myself.  Lately, I’ve been on a high fat low carb diet which is good but my food intake is not always the best as I have a sweet tooth.  I’m just grateful that I’m able to do what I must to do to help fulfill my mission in life.  I pray that my family will be able to learn from all my mistakes, especially my children and wife…may they be sleeping well, having self-control in all aspects and also maintaining a healthy body and hopefully lifespan.

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