How do you make a big decision and how do you stick with it?

Many decisions we make in life are small like what to eat for breakfast or what to wear to the office.  Few are big decisions that we should stick with if we already done our research on the pros and cons of making that decision.  You stick with it, and keep at it in actions until you don’t achieve your goal or until the decision is fulfilled. You stick with a decision with your daily actions, mindset, and efforts that support that decision.  My mother and father always say, make continuous efforts after making the decision.  For example, you put in “work” to move a solid object, you keep on trying hard, harder, hardest until that object moves.  It’s the same way with big decisions.  We must keep on trying until you reach that goal.  For me that goal is liberation, from this cycle of life and death, the cycle of issues, problems, sorrows/joys…why keep on going through the same struggles that we have been going at for ages.  “Impermanence is the only permanence” in this cycle of humanity.  Another decision, we could virtually make is moving to another home or city, it could be anything buying a house, a car, a business etc.  Life throws at you different kinds of pitches it just a matter of choosing the balls you want to hit out of the ball park.  The former analogy, is the way we need to make big decisions in life and stick them through until the end.  Gods grace should be on all of us to make healthy, happy and intelligent decisions.

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