Being grateful for my pain!

I have a blister on the inside of my lip and it hurts immensely every time I eat or drink. I couldn’t focus on my meditation but did feel the pain pervade my mouth. Then I realized, I’m lucky to even feel pain, to feel, to have this human body! Why should I even be so concerned that my precious attention be spent on any type of pain physical, mental, emotional or even financial. Worry itself is the cause of so much internal disappointment. I have learned the hard way that “to that which we pay attention to gets stronger.” One of our Jain Saints has explained this statement to me several times for me to only learn it at the right time of my life. I’m sick of worrying so much about any of my pains, why not just live right now without letting the pain get to me. The pain will come and it will go. All I can have, is trust in God, Guru, and the Growing self! With this trust comes surety, literally becoming free from doubt! Let’s embrace our pain as we do our pleasure and let it come and go, just like this life comes and goes. Enjoy the journey!

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