Why do some of us get taken advantage of?

As a child, teen and young adult I’ve been so unaware of how certain clever people of this world have taken advantage of me. Even today this still happens sometimes. Is it my nature, smiling face, or just my noggin that doesn’t see the true intentions of others. This world can gobble you up if you’re not careful, and even if you are careful it can still eat you alive sometimes. Often, we don’t know the repercussions of our innocence because we never think about it, and then it’s too late when we’ve been taken advantage of. How do we get rid of this phenomena? I feel like awareness, consciousness, and mindfulness can help us to become sharper and see through the lenses of other people’s eyes. These are attributes I’ve been working on gaining and it takes time, I suppose everything takes time. Although, if we work on ourselves consistently and enough then eventually we will get there. We will get to the point of non-judgment and not being so worried about what others may think of us (while respecting ours and our family’s image). Life is too short to be taken advantage of others, I believe in TAKING ADVANTAGE OF OURSELVES! This is the only way to optimize your life and its potential to the fullest.

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