Raksha Bandhan – Rakhi “The blessing of brother and sister”

In the Indian culture, in which I’ve been raised, there is a tradition called Raksha Bandhan! This is a sister’s vow to pray for her brothers good health and success, and in return the brother vows to always protect her. Today, August 15th, 2019 is the day of this festival. The sister ties a festive blessing band, puts red saffron and rice on the brother’s forehead, and then feeds him sweets. The brother gives her a gift or money as a blessing. This tradition has been going on in India for a very long time.

My sister also tied a red band on my wrist with which I felt blessed, more confident, and established belief within. I felt as if God’s blessings were coming to me through this memorable moment. The belief within, became the belief that God’s grace in my life would start taking shape and my dreams would come true! This belief within is one that I have faith and trust in. I’m grateful to have a sister who loves me so much and blessed me from her heart! May all of us who have a sibling, feel the gratitude towards each other on this very auspicious day!

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