an intention of love

Write positive words, so they get engrained into your conscious and subconscious!

I was writing a text to my Dad earlier today. I wrote, “I tried calling, but no luck.” I immediately deleted the words “no luck” and changed it to “no answer.”

It occurred to me that, I don’t want to give off the energy of the words “no luck”, because I’m a firm believer that whatever you do or give out comes back to you in some way. Plus, I didn’t want myself to feel in some subconscious way that I didn’t have any luck, even though that is out of context.

The fact is, we write emails and text messages everyday, but often don’t have a clue how what we have written is received by the other person or ourselves. Or how the tone of the mail/text impacts their day or ours. It’s a fact, that when you send out positive messages you’ll likely get one back which will enhance your mood.

It’s a small realization but it’s a way to ingrain positivity into your consciousness and subconsciousness. When we are writing messages we should be aware of the tone and language we use so it firstly, makes us feel good and also the receiving person feel good. A positive step in writing messages.

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