The battle of lust and love?

If love or friendship was out of the equation for any man or woman, then you would be left with sexual attraction or lust. I do wonder why sex appeal is so popular these days?

Just a 100 years ago women gained the right to vote. Now women and men openly expose themselves in magazines, tv and movies, which is their choice.

However, these sights have the tendency to create a lascivious desire for the one who is watching them. How can some of us stop ourselves from going astray because of our lustful desires? How can we be committed to love?

I believe it comes down to free will or choice, whether you want to be in that lustful state without your partner or if you want to experience the “love” – the true love with self and others, not just a temporary pleasure you may experience outside of your relationship.

It’s a matter of changing the intention of the mind, the habits or even the foods we eat which contributes to how we make daily life decisions.

I don’t believe you can win the battle of life with lust (which exists outside of your existing love), only love (of self and of others) can win the battle of life and can break the barriers that lust can create in the modern world.

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