Lustrous lights reflection through a mirror!

Glancing at a painting today I saw a reflection of my very own hand as if it were literally blessing me. It made me realize that we ourselves are a wonderful blessing to ourselves if we believe it to be. It made me think of the blessing my Guru has given me throughout my life and how he blessed me. I could see the illumination the pure light from his hand as if the almighty was blessing me through this being. The light from his hand was grazing me as it always does upon my head, within my being, and the myriad lessons he has given me over the past 22 years is not just a blessing but a calling to progress my soul spiritually and fulfill my mission. Not only am I grateful for this life, these parents, this guidance, this family, this breath but I believe that I’ve done some good karmas in my previous lives to have had all these experiences and opportunities to learn in this Jain family. Jainism is a spiritual culture that believes in the absolute soul or paramatma or almighty lord or existence that is ever present in every being. I’m grateful to have been blessed by being born into this family…into this human body…into this era…it has all been an array of interesting experiences, even the most negative ones from which I constantly learn. But an experience is all relative, isn’t it though? I suppose it’s all about how we look at it in the end, the beginning and the middle or all moments. Every second passes while another second takes birth and then another and another. So all is relative, right? I count my blessings to have had this reflection, or glance in the mirror. Its interesting how a small revelation can create this type of a realization.

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